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Free Captioned Telephone - Ideal for people with some degree of hearing loss. the Captioned Telephone - CapTel works like any other telephone with one important addition:  It displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation.  CapTel phone users can listen to the caller and can also read the written words in the CapTel's bright display window.  

http://www.captionedtelephone.com/videos.phtml  - Then click on "Availability" for your state http://www.captionedtelephone.com/availability/Federal.phtml  - For Federal Employees

Free Wallet Cards  - Go to www.medids.com to get yours.

Medical errors are one of the Nation's leading causes of death and injury. A recent report by the Institute of Medicine estimates that as many as 44,000 to 98,000 people die in U.S. hospitals each year as the result of medical errors. This means that more people die from medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

      Free Information And Resources 

National Council on Aging www.ncoa.org
Administration on Aging www.www.aoa.gov
State Health Insurance Assistance Program www.shiptalk.org
Social Security Administration: www.ssa.gov/
Department of Veteran's Affairs: www.va.gov
Elder Helpers www.elderhelpers.org/
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP): www.aarp.org
Elder hostel, educational adventures for those over 55: www.elderhostel.org
Find Medicare Plans and Information www.ehealthmedicare.com
National Alliance for Hispanic Health www.hispanichealth.org
Find Assisted Living www.assistedlivingtoday.com
Social Security Disability  www.ssa.gov/disability/
Mega Web Site For Senior Citizens www.modernsenior.net
Physicians Search by Medicare Insurance www.zocdoc.com
A National Organizationfor Caregivers www.caps4caregivers.org

Free Condition Specific Information

Arthritis - www.arthritis.org

Blindness or Visually Impared - www.lowvision.org

Diabetes - www.diabetes123.com

Epilepsy - www.epilepsy.com

Hearing Loss - www.hearingloss.org

Student Hearing & Resources - http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/students-with-hearing-impairments/

Deaf Linx - www.deaflinx.com

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - www.ninds.nih.gov

Parkinsons - www.parkinsons-disease.info/

SOME OF OUR ARTICLES - (For Your Use) - www.IndependentCareProducts.com

Arthritis Aids - Products to Make Life Easier for Seniors

Anyone who suffers from arthritis understands how difficult everyday tasks can be. Luckily, there are arthritis aids that help make life easier for seniors. One such task that can be extremely difficult is cutting your food. Along with being frustrating, not being able to do this is a shot at a person's pride. To avoid this from happening, there is a cutlery set that makes you able to cut food with one utensil. It combines a knife and a fork so you can cut the food and eat it with the same utensil.

Having arthritis gets in the way of doing simple things that most people take for granted because they do not even realize that there are some people who cannot do them. One example is closing an umbrella. People do not realize how difficult it can be until you have arthritis yourself. There are one button umbrellas available as arthritis aids that open and close with just the push of a button. Another product that you can use to make your life easier is for hygienic purposes. Holding bath tissue can be difficult with arthritis, so there is a product that holds it for you, and then you just have to hold the rod with the toilet tissue on it.

Getting dressed also becomes a challenge when you have arthritis because of all the buttons and zippers involved. To make this easier, you need the following arthritis aids. There is a button hook that makes that challenge so much easier. There even is a device that helps women put on their bras easier. You no longer have to worry about the difficult reach when you use this product. There even is a device that transfers your traditional earrings into clip on earrings. This makes it so much easier to accessorize your outfits.

Another one of the many arthritis aids that make life easier for seniors is for turning keys. Because keys are so small, they can be difficult to grasp when you have arthritis. There are devices you can attach to your key that are large, so they make it simple to turn a key. You can use these for your home or your vehicle. There also are jar openers and pen holders that make those everyday tasks doable again. Having arthritis does not have to interfere with your everyday life when you use the many aids available today.

Elderly Hygiene Products - Personal Care Products for Seniors

When people get a certain age, it becomes more difficult for them to take care of themselves. This can be because they cannot reach well enough to do so or even because a disorder prevents it. To help your loved one in your family with personal care, there are elderly hygiene products you can get for them. Many seniors appreciate these products greatly because they are embarrassed to ask for help. In addition, they would rather have products they can use themselves instead of having another person help them with this personal matter.

One of the elderly hygiene products you might find useful for your loved one is for the bathroom. Sometimes seniors are not able to fully reach where they need to, so it makes using the bathroom difficult. There is a product that actually holds the bath tissue at the end of a long handle, so it is easier to reach. This also works great for seniors with arthritis who cannot hold items well. Along the lines of this, there is a long handles hair brush. This makes taking care of their hair easier for them to do because they do not have to worry about missing a spot in the back if they cannot reach.

If taking care of their nails is the issue, there are elderly hygiene products that can help them. For their toenails, there is an extended reach cutter that helps them cut their toenails without having to bend down too far. For their fingers, there is a table top cutter that helps steady the clippers. You also could get them a lotion applicator that helps seniors apply lotion easier. It is a handle that has lotion at the end of it, so all they have to do is rub the handle on their body and they instantly have applied lotion.

There are elderly hygiene products for people who cannot bath themselves. They have the option of using no rinse bathing wipes, which make it easier to clean yourself without having to get into the tub. There also is a sponge on a stick for those who still can bath but cannot reach well enough. The handle is long enough so they can reach everywhere they need to reach without straining themselves. There are shampoo and shower basins for seniors who cannot leave their bed. We can help you with our full line of senior products.

Hearing Products - Make life easier for seniors

One of the most common issues among seniors is bad hearing. This is caused by many different reasons, but regardless of the cause, bad hearing can interfere with their everyday life. To prevent this from happening, there are hearing products your loved ones can use to make life easier. The most commonly used product for this job involves the telephone. Not being able to hear the telephone ring can cause a lot of stress and worry on other family members because they might think something bad happened. There are phones that have amplified ringers and/or visual lights so seniors always will be able to hear or see the light on them.

Another one of the hearing products that make life easier for seniors is an alert alarm clock. Some have lights, loud ringers, and even one that shakes the bed.  This way they will not miss appointments because their alarm clock did not wake them up. There also are amplifiers that can be attached to a phone, which makes hearing the person on the other line much easier. There is no point getting a loud ringer for a phone if they cannot hear what is being told to them. In addition, there are amplifiers they can use to hear every day sounds. They can be used to hear the television better or even family members who come to visit.

One of the most important hearing products to have is a smoke alarm with amplified sound. This is needed for safety. Just because you think the traditional alarm is loud enough for your loved one to hear does not mean they actually can hear it. To be on the safe side, it is best to get this. You do not want to have to risk them being about to hear a regular one. Any way you can make them safer, it always is worth the money. You always want to be extra sure they are safe than hope that they will hear it.

Not being able to hear as well as they once could puts a lot of stress on your loved one. They do not want to burden other people with feeling they need to scream in order to be heard. Using simple hearing products can make your loved ones life much easier without being difficult to use or challenging to learn. If you or a loved one suffers from poor hearing, there are a lot of great products available today to help out and make life easier.

Low Vision Aids - Products that Help Seniors Around the Home

When an elderly family member starts losing their sight you can help.  One of the first thoughts that may come to mind is that they will have to move in with you. If this is not possible, or is not wanted by your family member, there are low vision aids you can get that help seniors around the home. The first products you can get them are for their computer. Many seniors have really grasped the notion of the home computer, so not being able to use it can be devastating. There are screen magnifiers you can get to help them see the screen better. There also are key stickers that make the letters larger.

Other great low vision aids that help seniors do their everyday tasks around the home are hand held magnifiers. They can use this while they read the newspaper or even their favorite recipe book around dinner time. Using their phone also is something that seniors need to do on a daily basis. Whether it is for socializing or for an emergency, they need to be able to see the numbers on the phone. There are a variety of different phones that have low vision numbers on them that help seniors read the buttons better.

Another area of the home that seniors do not want to give up their freedom is in the kitchen. There are a variety of low vision aids that can be used in the kitchen so your loved ones can continue their cooking and baking. There is an extra large kitchen timer that is easier to set because it is not so small. In addition there are scales that talk, that way you do not have to strain your eyes trying to figure out how much something weighs. Not having this could screw up an entire recipe because the wrong measurement may go into a recipe.

If your loved one needs a pill organizer, there are low vision aids that can help as well. Instead of the small traditional pill organizers, you can get them larger versions. This way they can easily read what day they are on. You also can get them a talking calculator. That way they will not read the wrong number when they are balancing their checkbook or paying bills. Low vision should not hinder their everyday tasks around the home, especially with all of the great products available today.

Mobility Products - Mobility Aids and Products for Seniors

One of the most difficult tasks of a senior is maintaining your mobility. Because of this, you may need a variety of mobility products that will make your life easier. One of the most basic products you will find helps a great deal is a regular cane. There are so many different types and styles of canes, so you might want to try them out before you decide on one. Using products such as these will help you be able to maintain your freedom for much longer than if you went without them.

Of the many mobility products on the market, one of the most useful ones is for the bathroom. Taking a bath is something that most seniors like to do themselves for many different reasons. In order to do this on your own without falling, there are benches that help you get in and out of the tub without losing your balance. There also are railings that can be used as well. Because things tend to get slippery in the bathroom, you might also find it helps to have grippers on the door handles. The great thing about the grippers is that you could use them on all the door handles in your home, not just the bathroom.

If a cane does not do the job anymore, there are alternatives to a wheelchair. The most common is a walker or a rollator. These are similar except the rollator has wheels so you do not have to pick up the device when you walk like you do with a walker. Many of the newer mobility products come equipped with a basket as well. This is great for use outside of the home because you will not have to worry about not having any free hands to carry the mail or your shopping purchases.

Other mobility products that you will find come in handy are for helping you do everyday tasks such as apply lotion and brush your hair. Limited mobility does not always mean you have trouble walking, but that your arms do not reach the way they once did. There are extra long handles you can get that makes these tasks easier. These make bathing and grooming yourself easier so you do not feel as if your arms are exhausted afterward. Life for seniors has gotten a lot better. We can help you with our full line of senior mobility aids.

 Products for Seniors - Bed, Bath and Personal Care for Seniors

Deciding that an elderly relative has to move in with you is a difficult decision for everyone involved. It is a huge sacrifice for you and your family, while your relative feels they may be a burden to you. Once everyone has gotten over the idea of having someone else in the house, you have to make the stay as enjoyable as possible. You can do this by getting products for seniors that will help make the sleeping, bathing and personal care easier for everyone. The elderly are not as mobile as everyone else in the household, so it is important to get products designed for them.

Some of the most important products for seniors that you can get when they move in with you are for the bathroom. There are so many falls that occur in the bathroom and you want to do everything in your power to prevent that from happening. One great product is an elevated toilet seat that has arm rests. This makes it easier to get on and off because they will not have to sit down as far. The arms make it easier to help them steady themselves as they stand. You also want to make sure you have grab bars in and around the bath or shower.

The bedroom also presents safety issues as well. To prevent them from falling out of bed, you will want to get products for seniors. They also can use these to help them get into bed by themselves. There are a variety of different ones available so you will want to think about the issue at hand. If their only problem is not being able to get in and out of bed easily, use the bed rails. If they tend to fall out of bed or just not stay put once you leave the room, then there are rails that will go the length of the bed and then fold down when not in use.

Other products for seniors that you might want to invest some money in when elderly relative moves in with you are for mobility purposes. If you have stairs in your home and there is no way they can be avoided, you might want to consider stair lifts. Another product you can purchase is a recliner chair that lifts them in and out easily. There are so many great products for senior available today.  We can help with all of your elderly care needs.

Voice Activated Products - Keeping Seniors Safe

It is a big deal for seniors to live at home by themselves. If your loved one is living at home alone, you most likely worry about their safety. A way you can remedy this problem is by using the many voice activated products available these days. They help keep seniors safe because all they have to do is speak for something to work. You no longer have to worry about your loved one falling and not being able to get to the phone. Along with keeping them safe, they also can make the life easier for the care giver.

Voice activated products such as a phone can help seniors call people easier. There is no need for trying to push the right button because the phone stores all the numbers they would call. Then when they need to contact someone, all they do is say the name and it connects them. Similar to this is an answering machine that is simple to set up because it literally talks you through it. Once you have the machine set up, you use your voice to work it as well. You just ask for it to play the messages, tell it when to delete one and even ask for the time.

There are alarm clocks that work as voice activated products as well. It works just as well and the same as a regular alarm clock expect all the programming is done by talking to it. You do not have to fumble with tiny buttons to set the time you need because all you do is tell the clock what time you need the alarm set and it automatically sets it. Having products such as these readily at hand make it possible for seniors to live alone. Family members will not worry as much because they know they can use these products even in the event of a fall.

It is a big deal for seniors to be able to keep the freedom in their lives. Without voice activated products, this would not be possible because family members would not know whether they would be safe or not. Most seniors will love the great features that are so simple to use, that the senior in your life will not mind learning how to use them correctly. Todays technology does allow you to keep your loved one safe and allows the senior in your life to keep their freedom as well.

Products for the Elderly - Entertainment Products for Seniors

As people get older, there are fewer and fewer activities they can do. Many people are not able to go for a drive or go to the gym like younger people.  So many family members take entertainment and the access to it for granted. In order to make your loved one as comfortable and entertained as possible, there are products for the elderly that are designed to keep them entertained. One of the activities that people love to do is read. Whether it is the newspaper, a magazine or a favorite novel, this simple task becomes more difficult as people get older. To ensure they still can read their favorite book, there are magnifiers they can use.

Part of staying entertained for the elderly relies on contacting people. In order to do this, one of the products for the elderly they will need is an address book with large print. This way they can keep in contact with old friends and family members. For many women, a favorite past time is crochet. This can get difficult as you age because your hands do not work the way they did years ago. There are aids that strap around your wrist to make this fun pastime easier.

Another pastime that many seniors enjoy is gardening. There are even products for the elderly to use in order to make this task easier. Because many seniors suffer from arthritis, holding trowels can be difficult, which is necessary for gardening. There are gardening tools that are designed for seniors so they can hold and grasp them easier. Another entertaining game for many seniors is playing cards. A must for any card lover are low vision cards. These are larger cards with larger numbers and color codes. They should not have to give up their love for cards just because they cannot see as well as they could when they were younger.

Other products for the elderly that you might find necessary for your loved one are for watching television. This is entertaining for many seniors but sometimes their low vision or hearing gets in the way. To prevent this, there are listening devices they can use, along with large button remotes. In addition to having large numbers, some of the remotes even are large themselves, that way they will not get lost or misplaced. Let todays technology help keep the senior in your life entertained.

One Handed Products - Helping Seniors Maintain Their Freedom

There are a variety of reasons why a loved one in your life only can use one hand. Regardless of the reason, the fact of the matter is that this makes it difficult to do what other people perceive as easy, everyday tasks. If you would like to help the senior in your life, you might want to consider getting the assortment of one handed products designed for seniors. One of the most helpful products is one handed cutlery. They are designed to combine a fork and a knife so they only have to use one utensil when they are eating their dinners.

Many of the one handed products will come in handy when your loved one tries to dress themselves. This is one of the tasks that seniors try to do by themselves for as long as they can because they see not being able to do so as defeat. There is a tool that helps women put on their bras. There is a button hook that helps people attach even the smallest buttons on their clothes. If you want to make your loved one feel as if they still have their independence, consider getting them these products.

One handed products are not just for in the home. There is a handle that attaches to a car door so seniors can get out easier using just one hand. This is placed in a higher location than the interior door handle so they get better leverage. If the problem your loved one is having is in the kitchen, there are tools to help them. There are different one handed cutting boards that make cutting their favorite foods still possible if they only can use one hand. Another tool they might find valuable is a paper towel holder that only needs one hand to pull off a sheet.

Being able only to use one hand is extremely difficult for many seniors because they are so used to do everything in their lives with both hands. They have not been taught to use just one, so when they are forced into doing that, it can be a difficult adjustment. This is why using one handed products can help seniors maintain their freedom in their own home, even if they only can use one hand and/or have weakness in one of their hands, our one handed products can help make life easier for seniors.

Independent Care Products - Senior Electronics

 As your loved ones get older, you try to find ways to make everyday tasks easier for them. You know how important their independence is to them, so you do not want to take that away. This is why there are independent care products that help seniors do these ordinary tasks that have become more difficult. Many of these products help make using electronics easier. A great product that fits well in any senior home is a phone. The problem they have is that they cannot read the buttons. These phones have magnified numbers so even the hardest of seeing person can read them.

Similar to the larger phone is a remote control that has large buttons. These are simple independent care products that we take for granted because we can see smaller objects. You do not think about how difficult it is to use the television remote when you cannot see the buttons. Clocks also are a great electronic to get seniors. They make so many different varieties that have large numbers so they will be able to see them from across the room. They will not mistake what time it is again. You also might want to get a smoke alarm that has voice warnings as well.

If your senior loved one is hard of hearing, one of the best independent care products you can get for them is a voice amplifier headset. There are a few different ones available on the market but the concept is the same for all of them. This way you do not feel as if you have to scream to be heard. This is great for family members or even caretakers.

If your loved one is into computers but has trouble reading the screen because everything is so small, you can get a monitor screen magnifier. It actually attaches right to the monitor and magnifies everything. Because you do not want to take away your loved ones freedom, using independent care products for electronics is a great way to keep their freedom intact.

There are a number of print magnifiers as well.  These are handy for map reading or when you are in a restaurant and want to read the menu.  They fit easily into your pocket or purse.  We also have hand held illuminated magnifiers, in different magnification to help with reading.  Todays wonderful electronics can indeed make life easier for the seniors in your life.